Certificates and Accreditations

Once again, our company has been recognized for its maintenance and operation lines, as well as for its flight performance. This certification was granted by the prestigious Flight Safety Foundation within its extremely high standard BARS program, which from the start has established common operational safety parameters for the world’s aeronautical industry. In this certification, our company is recognized for its Basic Aviation Risk Standard program, which is the minimal requirement imposed by large multinational companies seeking to hire air transportation services.

Our company has been evaluated and certified in terms of compliance with ISO standard 9001-2015 requirements, regarding all internal processes and in all areas, such as operations, maintenance, sales and finances. This certification allows us to maintain a constant improvement that delivers a better service to our clients and passengers.

Our company has the Gold Plus certification granted by the world leader in aeronautical safety, Argus International. This recognition is the operational safety framework that differentiates us by the soundness and commitment in all our internal processes. This certification has a special emphasis on the analysis of results from our organization’s aeromedical processes, characterized by high quality standards in all our airline’s operational stages, from the complete description of the procedures that involve the patient, the safety of the environment and the training of our staff to the execution of the service as a whole.

Certification that watches over the internal management processes of a company, interested in aviation safety in terms of maintenance, operations and flight performance, which allows us to fly with foreign companies such as Barrick, BHP, Billiton, Río Tinto, among others.

Air Operator Certificate (AOC).

Certificate granted by the DGAC (General Directorate of Civil Aviation), allows us to operate air transportation with the safety standards established and required by the DAN 119.

Aeronautical Maintenance Certificate (CMA 260) approved by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation.

FAA Certification No. O2YY389Y (Federal Aviation Administration) of the U.S.A.

Leonardo Helicopters Service Center Certificate allows us to operate as an official maintenance center for A109E, A109S, AW109SP helicopters.

Spidertrack / Skytrac: We have two new generation software to perform the continuous monitoring of our aircraft.

The Safety 1st Clean™ standard is produced by the National Air Transportation Association (NATA) Safety Committee to provide general guidance on facility cleaning, disinfecting and facility operations in response to a pandemic. The goal of this standard is to safeguard FBO team members, clients, corporate assets and the general public.