Helicóptero BO – 105

Technical Datasheet

1 Twin turbine helicopter

Service ceiling: 20.000 feet

Speed: 120 knots (220 km/h)

Flight: 02:00 hours

Reach: 560 kilometers

Capacity: 4 passengers


This helicopter was manufactured in Germany. Its characteristics and performances enable it for operations in all sorts of terrain and geographies, from desert areas to the Antarctic.


This helicopter is widely used in Europe, the USA, Africa and South America. It was designed with the purpose of not aborting any flight missions, as its redundant systems allow it to continue flying even when one of its dual systems has failed.


The most recurring missions are the following (among others): passenger transportation, aerial photography, aerial observation and survey, internal load (it has a wide cargo compartment that is independent from the passengers) and tourism.